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Many men who had wished to become freemasons never did, because they did not know that a freemason is not allowed to directly ask someone to join as a new member. Disgracefully, we often find men who say that they waited in vain to be called, fact that never happened.

The decision to join our Order must be personal, free and meditated, and not influenced from outside. Fortunately, there are nowadays electronic means of communication that let us know and contact masonic lodges like ours, so we are putting at your fingertips all the information and will, so that, once decided, you may contact us.


The compulsory requirements to become an Ancient and Accepted Freemason are the following:


- To be a man of at least 21 years old.

- To be a free man of good habits, no matter your race, procedence or social condition.

- To believe in a supreme, creator, generator or totalizing principle, independently of the religion with which you worship him, that in Freemasonry is called the Great Architect of the Universe.


What should I do to become a freemason?


If you have already taken the decision to become a freemason, you should contact a regular masonic lodge, usually the geographically nearest one. In the case of the R.·. L.·. Obreros de Hiram #24 of Cadiz, in the section "Contact" you will find several possibilities of communication.

You will then receive, with absolute certainty, an e-mail replying your request, by which you will be informed about the steps to follow, requested the information needed and told whatever you need to know in that moment. If the Lodge considers it suitable, following the internal procedures, you will be summoned to some personal interviews with freemasons. After that, should the Lodge consider you able to be received at the Temple, you will be then informed about all the documents required, as well as the corresponding administrative fee, and you will be summoned on a certain day at a certain time in a certain place, where you shall be present in order to be led to your Initiation.


Obreros de Hiram nº 24 | Masonería Cádiz

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